Security Chimneys

Reducing Risks & Costs While Saving Time

Factory Built, Listed Grease Duct

It is a plug-n-play world and Factory Built, Listed Security Chimneys Prefab Grease Duct is the Answer
Voice of the customer driven features provide benefits for all involved.

Installer: prefab eliminates or greatly reduces the need for hard to find, expensive welders. The product is designed to be easy to install and save time. 
Project Engineer or Design Build Contractor: supported throughout the project by our Design Team who provide the right product for application at lowest cost.
AHJ/Inspector: benefits from easy inspections due to code compliant no-leak solutions in new or existing buildings.
General Contractor:  has a project that will stay on schedule with reduced time on site for the ductwork install.

Architect: has options to save space and provide superior aesthetics due to large product line.
Owner: receives the reduced risks of a fire event occurring or the consequences if it does, as well as reduced maintenance and energy costs.

Reach out to us so we can help you Reduce Risks and Costs while Saving Time on your project or investment!

Educational New to Grease Duct…New to Security Chimneys

Design & Engineering Right Product for Application at Lowest Cost

Installation Reduce Cost & Eliminate Welding Labor While Saving Time