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The Vent Newsletter, Issue #16, December 2021

With January right around the corner, we are about to start a new year.  However, here at DuraVent, we have already started a new chapter in our organization’s history.  At the end of September, we acquired Hart & Cooley and we couldn’t be more excited to add such prominent brands and products like Selkirk, Ampco, heatfab, and others to our portfolio

The Light at the end of the Tunnel

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #15, June 2021

The world continues to change quickly, and it seems like most things are headed in a positive direction.

Looking to the New Year

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #14, December 2020

We are almost there. 2020 has been a year unlike any that most of us have ever experienced.

Moving On and Forward From COVID-19

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #13, June 2020

It’s hard to imagine how much has gone on over the past four months since our last Commercial Newsletter.

Happy New Year!

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #12, Jan 2020

We hope you are having a great start to 2020!  Speaking of new starts, I recently ran into one of the first HVAC industry customers that I called on as a new salesperson, fresh out of college.  We talked about those first projects we worked on together, and I was reminded of how much I learned from those experiences.

All of us at DuraVent® are wishing all of you a holiday season that is both enjoyable AND simple!

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #11, Nov 2019

Believe it or not, the holiday season is almost here! If your kids are anything like mine (ages 14, 13, and 10) they have already started to give me lists of the countless items they are hoping to receive as gifts.

Forward to the Fall!

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #10, Aug 2019

The Summer of 2019 is quickly going by, football games are only weeks away, and kids, in many parts of the country, are heading back to school. That also means that the boiler and venting industry is running wide open!

The Busy Season Stretch

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #9, May 2019

It’s almost here.  We know what’s coming.  Those of us working in the boiler industry are all too familiar with the volume of work that is looming and will arrive in only a few weeks.  July through November is commonly referred to as the Busy Season.

Handling the Pressure with DuraStack®

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #8, Feb 2019

Welcome to the first edition of our Commercial Newsletter in 2019!  Things got off to a fast start this year with the AHR show in Atlanta.

Welcoming the New Year!

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #7, November 2018

As the year winds down to a close, it is a great opportunity to reflect on the successes of the year, and to look forward to what will be happening in 2019.

DuraVent® + Basic Burger = A Recipe for Success!

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #6, September 2018

Back to school, burgers, and the busy season: Learn how our factory built grease duct saved Basic Burger money, reduced their installation time, and gave them a solution that they plan to repeat at locations across the country.

Introducing the DuraVent® Sales Enablement Mobile App

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #5, July 2018

The DuraVent Sales Enablement mobile app is designed to help you unleash the power of sales by providing information and intelligence needed, right at the point of sale. Get a quick tour of the app and learn why this is the next app you should download on your mobile phone and tablet. 

Save time. Save money. Deliver a safe, reliable product with PolyPro®.

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #4, June 2018

This month, The Vent focuses on a solution that isn’t impacted by steel prices and is seen by many as the likely solution to the PVC challenge: polypropylene. Polypropylene venting has been used in Europe since the start of the century and is gaining traction here in North America. Our PolyPro products are easy to install, can sustain much higher temperatures than PVC or CPVC, and have a full range of available components that make it an attractive alternative for almost all residential and light commercial applications.

Raise awareness of DuraVent® and Security Chimneys® Grease Duct products.

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #3, May 2018

We believe that our factory-built grease duct products significantly reduce the risk of fires and can save lives. In this issue of The Vent, you will find several marketing pieces, white papers, and other tools you can use to show your customers that factory-built grease duct will not only save money on the project but has the potential to save lives.

Leveraging Our Competitive Advantage

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #2, April 2018

Spring is finally here for most of us, and in my home state of Georgia we once again kicked things off with another great Masters golf tournament. Spring is also “trade show season,” and last month Eric Dufour – our VP of Innovation and Technology – Jay White – OEM Sales Manager – and I attended the MOSTRA show in Milan, Italy.

Whats New at DuraVent® and Security Chimneys®?

The Vent Newsletter, Issue #1, March 2018

The inaugural issue of The Vent kicks off with a project focus on the five-story exhaust stack Security Chimneys provided at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and spotlights our DuraStack® Pro double-wall chimney system.

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