Security Chimneys

SECURE SEAL (26″-36″ DIA.)

Single-Wall, Double-Wall 26” to 36” diameter. Special Gas Vent. Listed to UL 1738 and ULC S636.

  • Laser butt-welding
  • Secure Seal viton sealing gaskets
  • Standard adjustable vent length
  • 29-4C stainless steel
  • Proven track record
  • All accessories made of stainless steel

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  • Category I, II, III and IV gas-fired appliances.
  • Type BH gas vent systems for appliances having a maximum flue temperature of 480ºF.
  • May also be used for high-efficiency gas boilers, furnaces, booster heaters, pool heaters, water heaters, unit heaters or tankless water heaters.
  • No need to apply silicone on-site at section joint; each joint seals with our Viton® O-ring system, a non-silicone construction designed to withstand the corrosive nature of the condensate.
Materials and Construction

Inner Wall: 26” to 36” 29-4C® (0.035”)
Outer Wall: 26” to 36”, 441 (0.024”)




Tested and listed to UL 1738 and ULC S636.