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Twist-lock System
Tubinox can be installed simply and easily, thanks to its unique twist-lock system. Just slip the components together and twist 1/8th of a turn.

Dripless Connection
Keeps creosote and condensation inside the liner. Greater Resistance To Corrosion and Deformation Manufactured with 304 type stainless steel renowned for its resistance to corrosion. Double-lock seam provides superior strength and prevents deformation.

The TUBINOX stainless steel liner is designed for installation in a masonry chimney:

When the clay liner of an exisiting chimney is damaged
To improve the chimney’s draft
As a substitute of the clay liner in a new masonry chimney
It can be used to vent solid, liquid or gas-fuel fired appliances (coal, wood, oil, etc).

For Your Safety
Time and wear can crack clay liners. Under these conditions, your liner can quickly become a nest for creosote deposits. Should this be the case with your masonry chimney, it would be wise, for safety reasons, to consider the advantages of a TUBINOX stainless steel liner.

The accumulation of creosote inside a chimney can become dangerous. As it is inflammable, creosote is the cause of chimney fires which can spread to become a real danger. The stainless steel liner impedes the adhesion of creosote.

For Great Performance
Controlled-combustion stoves are designed accordingly to highly efficient heat transfer and combustion technologies. Their rate of performance increases when they are installed with a chimney of suitable diameter. Clay liners are often too large. Consequently, they remain too cold and do not allow gas to be completely consumed, a situation which leads to gas condensation, thus formation of creosote.

  • 304 stainless steel renowned for its resistance to corrosion
  • Twist-lock assembly for fast, easy and secure installation—no screws or other attachments required
  • Double-lock seam provides superior strength and prevents deformation
  • Available in 5″ to 8″ inside diameters
  • Tested and listed to ULC-S635M, ULC-S640M and UL-1777
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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Tubinox – Offset installation

Tubinox - Offset installation

Tubinox – Straight installation

Tubinox - Straight installation