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Oliver MacLeod ProJet HT-6000 Exterior Kit

June 17, 2016

Download: PDF (131KB)

This all-new kit features a simple tee support that makes installations faster, and more price competitive. The new twist-lock cap also makes for easier inspections and cleaning down the road.

Kit includes the following components:

  • Insulated Tee (6006T90)
  • Twist-Lock Tee Cap (6006TCC)
  • Adjustable Tee Support (6PXSO-1)
    • 2” to 6” horizontal adjustability
    • Capable of supporting up to:
      • 20 Feet of 6” Pipe
      • 18 Feet of 7” Pipe
  • Insulated Wall Radiation Shield (6006WRS)
    • Accommodates 7” to 12 ½” wall thicknesse
  • Stainless Flue Extension (6PUP)
  • Decorative Collar (6DQDH)
  • Universal Wall Band (XPBM)
  • Rain Cap (6106RCD)