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NEW Secure Pellet Tee Cap

October 2, 2014

Download: PDF (366KB)

The installer asked and we responded. We received feedback that our Secure Pellet Tee Caps were too tight and required additional clearance to the floor.

Secure Pellet Tees produced after 08/01/2014 will now incorporate a redesigned one piece Secure Pellet Tee Cap. The redesigned one piece unit allows for easier removal of the cap for a hassle-free cleaning of the vent system. The clearance from the floor required to remove the cap has been reduced, enabling it to be used on all stove brands and models.


Secure Pellet one piece tee cap is used at the bottom of a tee in a pellet installation to allow collection of ash and access for vent cleaning.


  • Redesign eases the removal of the cap from the tee.
  • A shorter clearance to the floor is now provided for removal of the cap. A shorter clearance is ideal for those appliances that have outlets close to the floor.
  • A minimum distance of 6.5” is required from the center of the stove outlet to the floor to allow removal of the cap.

This applies to all styles of Secure Pellet tees with cleanout caps. All current part numbers will remain the same for this change.

Information About New Secure Pellet Tee Cap