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Introducing NEW Secure Pellet Horizontal Cap

August 22, 2014

Download: PDF (274KB)

Effective with all new production dating after August 11th, 2014, Secure Pellet will have a new profile Horizontal Cap.

The cap will now have a new nozzle at the end with a removable bird screen. The tapered nozzle will increase exhaust velocity to push the flue
gases and ash farther away from the exterior wall of the house. It will also cut down on unsightly ash collecting on the siding and
creating a stain. The removable bird guard will allow for easy access and cleaning.

Production of the old style will cease, and there will be no price difference. Any orders currently in house for the old style will be
fulfilled. Any future orders placed as of August 11th 2014 will be changed to the new part.

We are confident you will like the developments that we have made to the product..